HR Technology & Integration

HR Technology and its HR Applications must be considered as enabler for transformation, within Human Resources itself and also for the entire organization and its employees.
Which HR Applications and Technology to be used in future in order to meet HR consumer needs, support HR transformation and achieve strategic goals? Naturally, there is no single truth, although the market offering for HR Applications is limited in choice.

We believe that HR departments, in alignment with the leadership, have to thoroughly determine what is the strategic goal of a new HR solution and which HR operational and process changes shall be achieved, in order to enable a transformation. When the HR solution is chosen, it is crucial to have the right skill-set and expertise in the team to ensure that the right system setup and configuration taking place at first place. Another very important point is the integration of any new HR solution with available legacy systems within and outside of HR.

We offer our clients deep advisory expertise in:

  • HCM On-Premise: solutions and services, such as SAP HCM & Enterprise Portal
  • HCM Cloud: solutions and services, such as SAP Successfactors and WORKDAY
  • HCM Hybrid: solutions and services - integration and interfacing of On-Premise and Cloud services

Our experts ensure that your new HCM technology is working properly according to your client specific requirements and that it is embedded and interfaced accordingly to available legacy systems. Our technical capabilities are available for you - please contact us to know more.

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